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                    Staircase instruction

                    Basic knowledge of buying staircase

                    Basic knowledge of buying Staircases 

                    First, the type of stairs Staircase material can be divided into: 1, solid wood stairs 2, steel stairs 3, glass stairs 4, stainless steel stairs 5, marble stairs. Including solid wood stairs can be divided into: a, arc stairs b, L-type stairs (straight ladder, folding ladder is L-type variants) c, rotating stairs two, solid wood stairs Solid wood stairs with natural unique texture, Natural warm, elegant, comfortable feet, warm in winter and cool in summer, and is a natural green decorative materials; with ...
                    First, the type of stairs
                    Staircase material can be divided into: 1, solid wood stairs 2, steel stairs 3, glass stairs 4, stainless steel stairs 5, marble stairs.
                    Including solid wood stairs can be divided into: a, arc stairs b, L-type stairs (straight ladder, folding ladder is L-type variant) c, spiral staircase
                    Second, solid wood stairs
                    Solid wood staircase with natural unique texture, soft color, natural warm, elegant, comfortable feet, warm in winter and cool in summer, and is a natural green decorative materials; With the improvement of home environmental awareness, limited forest resources limit, Declining wood, solid wood staircase has the value of appreciation and collection, because of the above characteristics and reasons wood staircase in the market share of the highest.
                    Third, how to buy solid wood stairs
                    1, choose a trusted professional staircase manufacturing company.
                    Because the staircase industry has a relatively short period of development in our country, no relevant national standards have yet been promulgated. This gives an opportunity to "workshop-style" enterprises that simply do not have the necessary production conditions to justify their product quality. How to buy a staircase that does not pass the quality mark or be accused of being "overcookded" by the shopping guide staff may not be able to win the lawsuit in time. Because there is no national standard, the industrial and commercial administrations and technological supervision departments can not judge whether their products are qualified or not.
                    In addition, the stairs involve the structural problems of the houses. The non-compliant design and construction may bring inconvenience to use and even cause irreparable damage to the structure of the houses.
                    So the key is to buy a staircase to choose a reassuring professional staircase manufacturing company, he will provide you with quality products and professional services.
                    Select a professional staircase manufacturing company should pay attention to the following aspects;
                    a, to see if you have a registered trademark of the stairs, site, phone, web site, if there is a telephone, web site. It is best to call the manufacturer or Internet search, to prevent the sale of three non-products, so as not to be deceived.
                    b, to see your choice of staircase manufacturing company can produce a full set of stairs, depending on the ability to produce a modular staircase base, because in the production of stairs, stairs, columns, handrails are relatively simple, the production of stairs due to the entire staircase Frame related to architecture, structural mechanics, aesthetics and other related professional knowledge, demanding very difficult, non-professional and non-design research and development capabilities of the company can not design or produce fine and perfect products.
                    c, observe and understand the hall ladder, shopping guide, design, installation.
                    Have a certain R & D strength of the manufacturers to distributors to provide more variety, high-quality staircase products;
                    Staircase products is a personalized customized products, shopping guide staff must be professionally trained to accurately according to the specific circumstances of customers to provide reasonable staircase style advice; designers based on the customer's specific circumstances to provide more professional advice;
                    The drawings drawn by the designer are not only the basis of the factory production or the basis of the future installation of the stairs, but also have an absolute impact on the quality of the stairs. To know the quality of the installation, it is best to visit your completed project Because the factory produced only the staircase parts, you need to install the staff at your home, after the assembly into a complete set of stairs, the level of technical personnel installed on the finished staircase quality plays a decisive role.
                    2, the science of painting process, determine the important conditions of the staircase texture.
                    In the case of wooden buildings, the domestic practice is often done after the installation on site and then the painting of wooden products. In fact, this is very unscientific, because the conditions of the construction site will certainly not meet the standards of professional paint. Therefore, the overall shape of the stairs is often good, but the surface paint is appalling. As the saying goes, "one-third of the material, seven points painter." In western countries, the stairs are used as a piece of furniture, the painting is done in a professional paint shop, the only work on the construction site is assembly.
                    3, choose the footsteps of learning.
                    For the wooden staircase step, be sure to choose solid wood splicing board or solid wood multi-layer composite board, after the fight fingerboard management of the step board, not easy to deformation and cracking, durable, but the finger board stairs price than multilayer Composite board expensive.
                    4, pay attention to the railing spacing.
                    If you choose the vertical lines of the railing, be sure to pay attention to the two railing center preferably limited to about 12.5 meters (choose a special shape of the stairs is even more cautious) to avoid children (such as children playing on the stairs may be inadvertently Slip off) caused by accidental injury.
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